lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

Distribución de bombas atómicas por países

Arriba, la relación estimada (mediante leaks, tratados) de la posesión de bombas atómicas. Actualmente una de las mejores formas de asegurarte tu soberanía.  ¿Qué hubiera pasado si Gaddafi hubiera tenido una?


Lo acompaño con un texto de una carta, escrita por el científico alemán Heisenberg que define la carrera armamentística atómica en sus inicios (y en parte ahora):

The prospect of producing atomic bombs while at war was at the time immeasurably greater on the American side than on the German, due to the whole prior history. Since 1933 Germany had lost a number of excellent German physicists through emigration, the laboratories at universities were ancient and poor due to neglect by the government, the gifted young people often were pushed into other professions. In the United States, however, many university institutes since 1932 had been given completely new and modern equipment, and been switched over to nuclear physics. Larger and smaller cyclotrons had been started up in various places, many capable physicists had immigrated and the interest in nuclear physics even on the part of the public was very great. Our proposition that the physicists on both sides should not advance the production of atomic bombs, was thus indirectly, if one wants to exaggerate the point, a proposition in favor of Hitler. The instinctive human position "As a decent human being one cannot make atomic weapons" thus coincided with an advantage for Germany”

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