domingo, 4 de marzo de 2012

Mark Hegsted habla sobre la presión de los lobbies de nutrición.

Mark Hegsted fue un nutricionista americano cuyo cuerpo de trabajo abarca desde las grasas en general, hasta el volumen de alimentación necesario y muchas otras materias.

De él he encontrado una larga entrevista donde dice cosas curiosas sobre los grupos de presión alimenticia:

1. Sobre los estudios epidemiológicos sobre el Calcio

MN: Why do you suppose the calcium epidemiology is ignored?

MH: Well, the dairy industry-"

2. Sobre estudios del colesterol y la reacción de los productores de huevos

MH:   Well, you know, I think they must have come out maybe a year before Reagan was elected because I remember the egg people came to see me, with a lawyer.

MN:   With a lawyer?

MH:   And when they left, the lawyer looks me in the eye and says, “Well, we’ll be back.”  You know, I didn’t know whether the department would defend me if they [the egg people] sued me. 

MN:   They didn’t like the cholesterol recommendation?

MH:   They certainly didn’t. "

 3. Sobre Bob Dole y Ronald Reagan

I was there in the afternoon and Dole was the only one on the committee who was left.  Finally he got up and said, “Look, I’ve done this for you and that for you.  If you’re going to object to that, I’m not sure I want to represent you anymore.”

MN:   He represented you?

MH:   Well, he was from Kansas and that’s what he was pointing out.  I don’t know what he had done, but he named 3 or 4 things and said, “If you’re going to oppose me now, I don’t know if I want to represent you.”  I thought that was about as good a statement from a senator that I had heard.  But you know, the next thing I remember was that after Reagan came in, he appointed a committee to evaluate the Dietary Guidelines.  Or re-do them.  My guess was that they were going to practically do away with them. "

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